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KiDÓ. a tiny superhero who came to life and climbed out of young Max's broken phone! Why and how, you ask? Because he's a protector of children in danger, and because Max is in danger! He's got three older and much stronger boys on him! And you'll find out how it all turns out in the KiDÓ. story of the same name, which you can see on this page right now!

Enjoy a fantastic story, a cross between a fairy tale and a comic strip, which is told in the form of a cinemagraphy video. A cinemagraph is still photography supplemented by moving video elements, spoken word, and original music and sounds. In addition, this new type of audiovisual entertainment form develops observation in the youngest ones as they search for what is moving in each image. The fairy tale comes from a Czech photographer and art director named Matěj Dereck Hard, who himself was bullied at school as a child.

KiDÓ.  first episode - I´m Max

KiDÓ. 1 - I'm Max

KiDÓ. second episode - Attack

KiDÓ. 2 - Attack

Matěj Dereck Hard

Maria Hard

František Sládek

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